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Accident preventive equipment:

Those tools that help secure safely from electric accidents are called accident preventive equipment. Below are descriptions of the number and work of some of the accidents preventive equipment.

  1. Hand Globes: Protecting an electrician from lightning strikes while working on a live line To get it used to be.
  1. Safety goggles: The use of safety goggles at work keeps the worker’s eyes safe and speed at work comes in. The image of safety goggles on top is shown.
  2. Ellen: It protects the worker’s garment from dust dirt, etc., and wears worn garbage being kept safe from the danger that could happen. The figure shows the person dressed in an appraisal.
  1. Safety Belt: Safety Belt Electrician’s the case is very much needed. The image of Safety Best has been shown.
  2. While working on a safety helmet electric line, it is possible to keep the head free from any accident The importance is very high. Figure 1.5 shows the safety helmet.
  3. The use of rubber shoes It is possible to reduce the pressure from the electric shocks to leakage outlets Keeps safe.
  1. Suspension Nation: Provide staff and public safety by using Apprentice Courtesy to work under the ground floor line. Such a system is very much needed for such work. I have been shown in Chia 1.6.
  2. Bird guard: In the serough line where it is used to eat, pin it on the Inductor. In the event of a conflict between the birds and the cross-arms of the bird, it can not cause the crash of the earth or any other cause. For the figure of 17, NAM Bird Guard is used.
  1. Lightning algorithm: Protecting the equipment used in electric lines to protect against accidental accidents The lighter alarm for which is used.
  2. Anything: The right financing of electrical equipment is very important for user safety. There is a lot of risk in the use and repair of electric appliances and equipment if there is no better earthing.
  3. Protector: The use of the protective device in the electrical line works to prevent accidents. Used tools And keep the line safe from short circuits and over-laden accidents and major accidents I hate it. Circuit Breaker and Fitx are used for this purpose. The picture below has been shown.
  1. Hot Stick, with its help to provide and fix fuse switches on the HT / High shorts. Goes. Apart from the two-line ample, the hard plastic jumper is made to make a solid plastic Stick is used. E is more widely used in rural power systems, as shown in Figure.
  1. Switch: The switch is applied to the user’s safety switch. The needle of the switch provides electrical healing.
  2. Leon Tester: With the help of which there is the power supply in the electrified line, it is worth the effort Work can be done keeping the security. To know the presence of electricity in line fast and safely The descriptive tools are shown in the image below.

Preventive Equipment: With the help of equipment, any accidents can be controlled or prevented quickly They are called preventative tools. Below are the names of some types of preventive equipment.

  1. Primary medical equipment: Destroy the life of an injured person using primary medical equipment The fear is freed.
  2. Fire Extinguisher: If a fire occurs in an electrical accident, the fire extinguishes the fire using the fire extinguishers.
  3. Bucket filling sand: sand is available in the light of the available material for rapid fire retention. Bucket filling the image Sand, playing an important role in preventing accidental accidents.

Special case (over headline) Secure method of action: Overhead line, Electric high In the system of the fault, where the fire is burning, the electric work is more securely The system needs to get rid of them;

  1. After switching off the main switch, it is necessary to work with the line discharge.
  2. Always work with helmets, safety belts, and always work with caution.

3, while working on the overhead line, someone who is not really underneath

4, the line must be properly discharged to work on the high-resolution line.

  1. Neon Tester or Test Lamp has to start the line by examining the line.
  2. Loyalty to see if the meaning of the line works well.
  3. Line insulation should be checked occasionally.

8, the circuit switch is on the line in the phase, it is necessary to check it before work.