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                  Bangladesh Army Appointed 2019

Army Medical Corps will be appointed for the 21st DSSC (Special Purpose) – AMC in Bangladesh Army, see the detailed advertisement.

Category: Physicians can apply in the following categories:


  1. Cardiologist
  2. Nuclear Medicine
  3. Radiation Oncologist
  4. Surgical Oncologist
  5. Pulmonologist
  6. Internal Medicine
  7. Endocrinology
  8. Gynecologist
  9. Medical Oncologist
  10. Nephrologist
  11. Orthopedic Surgeon
  12. Gastroenterology
  13. Intensivist
  14. Neurosurgeon

Educational Qualification: FCPS / FRCS / MS / MD or equivalent which is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.
Age: 40 years on 23 June 2015.

Physical fitness: Height of 1.63 meters (5 ft 4 in), male 59 kg (130 lb) in height, 0.76 m (30 inches) in normal size, 0.81 m (32 inches) in proportion to male candidates. Will be. The height of the female candidates is 1.57 meters (5 feet 2 inches), weight 5 kg (114 lbs), chest size is 0.71 meters (28 inches) in normal condition, 0.76 meters (30 inches) in the expansion.

Marital status: Married / unmarried.

Procedure to Apply: Candidates can apply online through website only. The applicant candidates can submit a Taka 1000 application fee through Teletalk SMS or VISA and Master Card or Trust Bank Mobile Money, bKash, Rocket. After submitting the application fee, an instant written call-up letter will be available.

Application start date: April 19, 2019.

Application Deadline: 11 May 2019.

See ad for more details …

In the Arms / Services Centers, according to the place, date, time and district from 22 April, 2019 to 30 April, 2017, the position of soldiers (trade-2 profession) will be held in the public admission process, see detailed advertisement.

Name of the post: Special Occupation (Trade-2) – Male and Female

Trade-2 occupations: Cook (unit), cook (hospital), equipment and boot repairer (E & B), player, brand, carpenter, painter decorator (PD), paint, cutting and joining (C & And Tailor.

Educational qualification: Minimum GPA of SSC examination will be 2.50.
Age: Must be between 17 and 20 years on 21 July 2019.

Physical fitness: Height of 1.68 meters (5 ft 6 in), male 49.90 kg (110 lb) in male candidates, chest size is 0.76 m (30 inches) in normal condition, 0.81 m (32 inches in progress) ). The height of the female candidates is 1.60 meters (5 ft 3 in), weight 47 kg (103 lbs), the chest size should be 0.71 m (28 inches) in normal, 0.76 m (30 inches) in the expansion.

Marital status: Unmarried (not divorced).
Swimming: It is vital to know about swimming.

Military employment opportunities: On the prescribed scale, providing free food and lodging with pay, allowances and pensions, combined facilities for medical facilities at the Combined Military Hospital, free dresses for their own families, parents and their parents, and ration for subsidy subsidy for themselves and families, Suitable for children in different educational institutions run by the army F education opportunities

At the time of admission, the certificates/pictures/ pay-order / bank draft/writing material must be brought along with the notice.

Read the notification for district-based admission dates and places and details