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Evolution of computers and different generations:

An English mathematician named Charles Banks invented the first analog computing in 1830. Then, Harvard Ekin, a Harvard University student, created a mechanical computer. Later on, The digital computer was discovered, which is 200 pounds of Machinal Computer Slowly improve today’s computer. Byron’s daughter Lady E. Baron is the world’s first Computer Pramm is created. The computer has been created for Gani Rai. Computer creation Before, various scientists discover different computing instruments for animal husbandry. As a result of today’s advanced computers

The continual progress of computer between 500 years and 200 BC 500 BC (500BC)

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John Napier created Logarithms in nine distinct rows of mathematical numbers. It is called NAPIER’s BONES. It’s able to multiply. It continues until the end of the 17th century from the beginning of the 17th century.


French mathematician Basic Pascal discovered Pascal’s Calculator or PASCALINE is the world’s first calculator.


British mathematician Charles Babbage discovered Different Engine. He was the father of the computer.


Charles Babbage also discovered an Analytical Engine. It was completely automated and capable of all kinds of mathematical work it could save the program and could follow Instruction. This is the first 0 and 1 binary system used. Girl Baiden’s girlfriend and famous poet Lord Byron’s daughter Lady Ada Augusta Byron started this binary instruction. He is called the world’s first programmer.


The first machine powered by the Hollerith machine is HERMAN HOLLERITH. It records recording a machine and other machine-marked data Did calculations. Both machines and naphtha are available on this machine. It used to be the first punched card. Its name is Tatpulating Machine.


Harvard University Howard Aiken and IBM (International Business Machine) jointly invented the first electrical computer. Its name was MARK-1, the first generation of computers started now.


Dr. JOHN ATANASOFF and JOHN BERR again improved the computer. Theirs The computer name was ABC {.Atanasoff Berry Computer) Computer.


During World War II, Jamaal invented the electronic computer for frying The British scientist AI. AN TURING COLOSSUS has been known since 1970. J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly discovered the EU ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator calculator) This is the first digital computer for general purpose. It weighed 30 tons, It used to be 18,000 vacuum tubes. It used 30 to 50 ft space and took 160 kilowatts of power.


Commercially the first successful computer is the IBM-650) model | At first it was made only 50 Later, IBM Company made a profit of more than 1000, leaving the market.


John Backjar invented the programming language FORTRAN (Formula Translation).


Jack Kilby invented integrated circuits (IC). That’s a full-blown pace of electricity flow The form is invented and the computer prajanamam is replaced. The computer becomes more speed and memory Completed.


Dr. Grass Hopper invented the Business Applications Language COBOL,


Dr. John Kamony invented the invention of the Advanced Progressing Language Basics and the first Mini Computer.


The emergence of the operating system Linux and Unix.


Intel of Corporation Tade Haff improves computer chips. Intel comes to market 40) Chip. It’s the world’s first microprocessor. It was a four-bit microprocessor. Starts Miley’s computer backstage.


The first LAN (Lxal Area Network) is launched through Ethernet.


stiff jabs and stiff 0iesniak first brought Apple computer to market.


The 8086 microprocessor is invented by Intel in the market. It was an eight-bit microprocessor.


The first spreadsheet to be named VISICALC brings to the market – Bob Frankston and Dan Bricklin.


Ms-Dos has got the success of Bill Gets IBM and Microsoft were working together.


The IBM PC comes in the first market.


The market entered the COMPAQ company PC.


Hewlett Packard (HP) brings laser printers to the first market.


Advanced technology 80386 processors come in the market.


More energy processors in the Intel market bring the market to 486 (80486).


Microsoft Windro 3.I comes to the market.


Mark Enderson invented a graphical web browser Mosaic. She is Netscape Join Communications Corporation.


Mark Enderson and Jim Clark discovered Netscape Navigator 1.0,


Operating System Windows 95


Microsoft’s Vodafone expander plays an important role on the Internet. Pentium ll processor is unstable.


Microsoft Windows 98 comes in the market. New hardware and software come to the Internet.


Intel Pentium III processor brings to market. Microsoft Office Office2000


Windy and 2000 operating systems come in the market. Prohibit 1.4GH2 speed-4 machine and Windows Another version of ME.


Windage XP is invented. E-books come in the market.


WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) & Bluetooth comes in the market. Connecting to PC is Mobile Phone 2004 LCD monitor comes in the iMac G-5, iPod market of Apple.


The appeal comes in the iPod market.


The latest operating system Windows Vista comes in the market


Office 2010 and care to due, Dual Core Quad-core microprocessor.


Buzz comes office-2013 and Windows 10.