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Input units, CPU and Output Unit Function Input Tools

In order to solve the problem, the primary data related to this problem is already on the computer It has to be told. Inputs for the pairing of computers that are used for text messaging The machinery is called. Below is the introduction of some of the most popular input devices.

Keyboard: Input Device is the most important and widely used device The keyboard is almost non-operating around the computer. Key box) ar) Mainly two types. Such as Standard Keyboard (84 keys) Enhanced keyboard (101/102/104 keys)

The keyboard is three types of matte. Namely: PS / 2 Port, USB Port, and Serial Port.

Mouse: A mouse is another key input device along with a keyboard. The mouse It is possible to work faster than the kibardad. The mouse is of two types. Such as Mechanical and Optical.

Mechanical: If there is a ball on the bottom of the mouse, then move the mouse to the bottom of the desktop.

Optical: Instead of the ball under the mouse, a ray moves. This may be a mouse poem and can be wireless again.

Joystick: This device is used to play games. It has different signs Moves towards.

Scanner: Convert the image to a digital signal and take it to the computer Is used. Generally, this is an essential device for graphics designers and animators.

Digital Camera: It also takes pictures of the normal analog computer, as well as converting the image into a digital signal to the memory chip. It has an LCD monitor So, taking pictures is only seen and unnecessary images can be deleted immediately.

Web Camera: It is a movie / seamless camera that is taken directly to the computer and is sent to the corner through the Internet. It can be video chat.

Optical Mark Reader (OMR): The device that is designed to read pencils or black spots is called an optical mark reader (OMR). OMR is a kind of reading. Which can detect black spots or pencil stains? Daggula tactic changes through a special angle system. As a result of the computer (OMR’s Understand the circle or the language filled with. In this process, the answer to the answer sheet is incorrect Does not exist OMR pauses all the blacks in the palm when given by the OMR machine, Later on, compare the answer to the memory of the computer and compare the answer to the correct answer. With OMR The test list is properly evaluated.

Output Equipment

After processing, human beings have to present themselves in the fruit. At that part of the computer work is called the output device. Below are some of the outputs of digital computer devices The contact was highlighted.

Monitor: The monitor is an important output device. This is a means of informing information Which is suitable for converting the signal from a video controller card or adapter to a neutral screen Shows on screen.

All the current monitors can be divided into three sections based on color. Namely

  1. Colors monitor all colors on the screen.
  2. These monomer monochrome monitors have white or other color fibers on the screen.
  3. The gray color in the grayscale monitors the white color in white.

Based on the technology, the monitor can be divided into two main parts. Namely –

  1. Methode ray tubes (Cathode Ray Tube-CRT) monitors and
  2. Flat Panel Monitor / LCD Monitor.

Multimedia Projector:In the present age, the role of multimedia equipment or predators is not comparable in meeting human needs. Long ago, people noticed that the information in which the information is presented through various media is more Plays an effective role! With the help of various media, the information about which corner through the Multimedia projector The audience is presented in front of the audience. With the help of computers, we use different media together We can present an information interestingly. The multimedia projector can present any computer information, TV program or movie bigger. The multimedia projector can also display the recorded presentation of data presentations with the help of various media. Thus, with the help of soil media, cone massage or information is presented to viewers that means it is easy to spell and remember it.

Printer: The printer is another important output device. Generally used for printing or hardcopy. Generally, three types of printers are used. Namely –

  1. Dot matrix
  2. Inkjet or Bubble Jet.


Speaker monitors can be seen with eyes. With the speaker, they can also be heard in the ears. It is used for audio stellar.

Plotter: A special type of printing machine Such instruments are used to print a very fine line. A few feet in length and as long as the length of the lime is printed with the help of plaster machine. With this help to remove both white and black color printing. It is printed on large graphics such as architectural design, poly sign, bill beards etc. It can be printed in various media such as cloth, paper etc.

Computer software class

The software is usually divided into two parts. Such as System software and application software.