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Computer Important Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl + A = Select All.

Ctrl + B = Text Bold.

Ctrl + C = Copy something.

Ctrl + D = Show the Change of Flag Dialog Box.

Ctrl + E = Center alignment.

Ctrl + F = Find or Replace Any Word.

Ctrl + G = Go to Command.

Ctrl + H = Replace Command.

Ctrl + I = Text Italic

Ctrl + J = Text alignment.

Ctrl + K = Hyperlink to be created.

Ctrl + L = Text Left Alignment.

Ctrl + M = for inventing.

Ctrl + N = To open a new document.

Ctrl + O = To open a previously created file.

Ctrl + P = Document Print.

Ctrl + Q = Spacing between paragraphs.

Ctrl + R = Right alignment of text.

Ctrl + S = Save the file.

Ctrl + T = To change the indent.

Ctrl + U = text underline.

Ctrl + V = To paste the text.

Ctrl + W = to close the file.

Ctrl + X = To cut something from the document.

Ctrl + Y = to reboot.

Ctrl + Z = Undo or previous condition.

Alt + 0131 = ƒ (money)

Alt + 0165 = yen (yen)

Alt + 0177 = ± (plus)

Alt + 0215 = × (times)

Alt + Ctrl + T = ™ (Trademarks)

Alt + Ctrl + R = ® (Registered)

Alt + 0163 = £ (Lira)

Alt + 0128 = € (pound)

Alt + 0247 = ÷ (divided)

Alt + 248/0186 = º (Fahrenheit)

F1 key

F2 key (rename or rename)

F3 key

F4 key (see address or address bar)

F4 key (View items from active list)

F5 key (refreshing / updating existing window)

F6 key (Switching between desktop or existing window items)

F10 key (to enable active program menu bar)

Keyboard shortcuts, Computer key Shortcut:

CTRL + A (to sort or select everything in the same window)

CTRL + C (copy)

CTRL + X (cut)

CTRL + V (Paste)

CTRL + Z (Revert to previous state)

CTRL + SHIFT (shortcut created)

CTRL + RIGHT ARROW (Inscribed next point in Insertion Point)

CTRL + LEFT ARROW ((Insane Point taken from the previous word)

CTRL + DOWN ARROW (Insert point to the next paragraph)

CTRL + UP ARROW ((Inserting the Insert Point in the previous paragraph first)

CTRL + TAB (moving existing tabs)

CTRL + ESC (Return to Start Menu)

CTRL + SHIFT + TAB (to turn tabs in)

CTRL + SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (highlighted text)

SHIFT + TAB (behind the options)

SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Sort or select multiple items at the same window)

SHIFT + DELETE (Selected elements are permanently deleted)

SHIFT + F10 (shortcut menu for sorted items)

ALT + ENTER (featured item of featured item)

ALT + F4 (shutting down any running programs or existing windows)

ALT + SPACEBAR (open the existing window shortcut)

ALT + TAB (Moving to Current Programs)

ALT + ESC (Surroundings running programs)

ALT + SPACEBAR (system menu for existing windows)

ALT + Underlined letter in a menu name (see the corresponding menu)

Dialog Box (keyboard shortcut)

BACKSPACE (back to the previous menu)

ESC (recently completed work)

Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts

HOME (moving above active window)

END (moving above active window)

Windows Logo + U (Utility Management On)

SHIFT five times (sticky keys on or off)

Right SHIFT for eight seconds (filter key on or off)

Left ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN (High Contrast On or Off)

Left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK (mouse key on or off)

NUM LOCK for five seconds (toggle keys on or off)

NUM LOCK + Asterisk sign (*) (See all sub-folders in the selected folder)

NUM LOCK + Plus sign (+) (see all the contents of the selected folder)

NUM LOCK + Minus sign (-) (Minimized the selected folder

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts:

Windows key + A: Open the Action Center.

Windows key + C: Carnatic voice will be ready for guidance.

Windows key + I: Open the Settings app.

Windows key + S: Karatana will be launched.

The Windows key + Tab task view will be visible.

Windows key + Ctrl + D: Create a new virtual desktop.

Windows key + Ctrl + F4: Turns off virtual desktops.

Windows key + Ctrl + left or right arrow: Change the virtual desktops.

General Shortcuts

Windows key (Windows 7 and above): Startup will open / close.

Windows key + X (Windows 8.1 and 10): Right-click on the Start Button that menu will appear.

Windows key + left or right arrow (Windows 7 and above): On the right-hand side of the current window, you can see the screen.

Windows key + E (Windows 7 and above): Quick file explorer can be done using the files.

Windows key + L (Windows 7 and above): Desktop can be locked.

Alt + PrtScn (Windows 7 and up): Screenshot of the running window, can be copied to the keyboard. Windows key + Print Screen (Windows 8.1 & 10): The desktop’s full-screen picture (screenshot) can be taken. They will be deposited in the Computer Picture screenshots folder.