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Computer classification

Computers can be divided into 3 categories based on their capabilities, size, and power.


Analog computer

Analog Computer works by Measuring, For example, electricity cable gauges Increased pressure in air or fluid pressure in the pipes, wind flow, and Analog computer works on the basis of payment of pressure, etc.

Computers can be divided into 3 categories based on their capabilities, size, and power. 

Digital computer

Digital Computer works by using a symbolic number through instruction. Binary code That is, by working through the recognition of the presence of the village. Based on the power of work and size The digital computer is mainly divided into 4 sections. Such as

Micro Computer

The microcomputer is a sock-size computer. Some people use a single computer Have lived. All kinds of offices, courts, business establishments, educational institutions, personal litter etc. The work is being done using a microcomputer. That is to say, we used a computer that we used to lose These are called micro-computers. From Pentium 1 to Pentium 4, the current popular IBM Computer or Apple Macintosh’s Mac power PC or G-5 model is popular Microcomputer It is also called Personal Computer (TC) or Business Computer (BC) Generally, two types of personal computers are available. One is the name of the desktop and the other Name portable Desktop table and is not transferable. If there are some desktops A network is created with a computer, but the main computer is called a server or domain And says workstation only | Portable again three types


It looks like the case and weighs seven (7) to twelve (12) kilograms. This is the desktop.


It looks like a netbook and weighs three (3) to four (4) kilograms.


Pocket calculator by this view.

Mini Computer

Minicomputer workability and job speed are less than mainframe computers. The type of work between the mainframe computer and the minicomputer and the difference from the process side No. Examples: IBM S / 34, IBM S / 36. PDP 11, NCR S / 9290 etc.

Mainframe Computer

The mainframe computer is a relatively less powerful computer than supercomputers. Office The court, large industries, and research institutions, bank-insurance etc. and the huge amount of information in the organization? Mainframe computers are used for management purposes. Examples: IBM 4300, UNIVAC 1100, CYBER 170 etc.

Super Computer

The supercomputer is the most powerful, costly and most fast computer. Private These computers are not used at the level, only super or government companies are using supercomputers (BCC), Agargaon, Dhaka have a supercomputer. Examples: America – CYBER-205, Japan’s Nippon Company- SuperSXIL

Hybrid Computer

It is basically made by coordinating with the work of Digital and Analog computing. In it Convert data to NP process and process number to transmit to digital segment Is. Hybrid computers are used in hospitals, basket lamps, navigators, weather, etc.