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Data dissemination

If there is an unintentional or unexpected error after data entry in the worksheet, then correct the data. Or to edit. Sometimes, data changes or enhancements or new data interference have to do. The data in the worksheet can be modified or changed in the worksheet It is necessary to open it first. After that, the data of the sex needs to be changed or confused He left the cursor or mouse pointer in the cell by double-clicking on the left mouse button or the F2 to the keyboard By pressing the function key, this information can be modified in general. Cells containing sensitive data Double-click the mouse while leaving the cell pointer or pressing the F2 key to move the information above Appears are displayed in formulas and two more functions are closed and Enter is displayed in a cell When the wrong information is pressed after the desired correction presses the ENTER key or click on the () icon, the corrected truffle. Soft is wet. If you want to force the ball in the firing force Click the icon.

Determine data wrench/range.

Delete False Cells

  • C5 Select the cell that is to delete the text of the cell.
  • To delete multiple cell texts, you must silicate/block many cells using the mouse or keyboard.
  • From the menu, select Home Ribbon, from the Cells command group, click the Delete button deletes Cells … command. Delete dialog box will appear. Shift Cells will have left and ShiftCells Up options.
  • Shift Cells up The radio button will be selected.
  • These should be OK. At the C5 cell, each cell of each cell will come up one cell. If more than one cell is selected, the number of cells selected in the cell reaches the top. Shift If left cell selects, then the data should be moved from one cell to the left. In which corner, select the cell or multiple cells by pressing the Delete key from the keyword but the data in the cell cannot be transferred.

Delete empty row

  • In the corner of the 5th row, the cursor should be placed in the cell or the entire number 5 will be selected.
  • Select the Home Ribbon menu from the menu. Delete the Cells command from Group Delete option Let’s give Sheet Row command.
  • The empty row will be deleted and the data will be moved above. Select all the columns or rows key-barred If you press the Delete key, the data will be deleted but the drop will not be transferred.

Sheet Delete

Sheet 4 Select the Home Ribbon from the menu and select the Cells command group Delete option Delete Sheet command will delete the sheet below.

How to set the range

The multiple cells selected in the worksheets are called together at a range. The specific range of corners in the worksheet To apply a command to the information, it has to be set. Worksheet in the following way A range can be set.