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Dual diode Chaser with Arduino Project  for Beginners

In this Arduino project for beginners and kids, a twin diode chaser is built on associate electronic bread board victimization twelve LEDs. The Arduino sketch code for this project makes one diode appear to maneuver from left to right and back all over again, whereas at the same time a second diode appears to maneuver from right to left and back all over again. This video shows the finished twin diode chaser project with twelve LEDs and Arduino Uno.

Dual semiconductor diode Chaser parts with the Arduino board

Arduino comes: Asynchronous LEDs Blink Nikodem Bartnik Arduino comes
Making Arduino perform asynchronous tasks isn’t an easy job and such Project desires you to watch implementation of contemporary and optimized programs. it’s very useful to understand the way to program AVR in C and therefore the thanks to browse the datasheets thus on implement timers.

This project will shed some light-weight on the way to create Associate in Nursing asynchronous set of blinking LEDs using the Arduino Uno board.

A while ago, one in each of my friends designed a equipment from scratch and he asked that I facilitate him turn out a program with the Arduino which will build LEDs blinks totally asynchronously. And this was the right project for his equipment. Hope you will the project useful. Let’s dive into it.

Circuit Schematics

Build the circuit as shown inside the board layout gate diagram below. The circuit consists of one light-emitting diode and one series resistance perennial twelve times. These LEDs and series resistors square measure connected between Arduino digital pins 2 to 13 and GND. For constant project with further details on building the board circuit, see the Arduino Knight Rider tutorial.

The resistors square measure shown inside the board layout square measure 470 ohm resistors, however, resistors with values between 220 ohms and 470 ohms square measure getting to be fine.