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Electrician General Hand Tools

Among the engineering tools, electrical tools are the most common and simple structure. A crew driver, neon tester and pliers for specially equipped electrical lighting and wiring.Is used. And there are some tools that are just like other trades and very common. At the cost of equipment, Almost all of the cheap and hardware stores are available. Valued values for the convenience of purchasing machines The machine needs to be purchased. The names, requirements, and uses of isolated types of handouts in the section Maintenance have been discussed.

Definition of Electronic Hand Tools: Hand Tools means the equipment used while handling. The use of the tools that use physical power to perform the tasks of the technical work field simply they are handled, say their hand tools. And in the electrical activity, an electrician uses tools that can handle the work, as they are called Electrician hand tools. Combination Players is an important electronic hand tool. Neon Testers, Sky-Drivers, Hacks, etc. Hand Tools Used.

Purpose of General Hand Tools: Without a hove tool, just work with hands, beautifully and accurately Cannot be done or cannot be done easily and fast. To maintain the quality of work, the importance of the tools and the necessity of the needy are to cover it fairly. The importance of simple hand tools is important for facilitating technical activities. The hand tools are very much needed to make an efficient technician electrical wiring for electrical work easier and accurately to maintain or maintain. Hand tools can be used to make any technical work easily and accurately. Hand Tools User The importance of the electricians is able to understand. In practical terms, its importance is from the mechanical advantage of hand tools It is understood.

List of common hand tools

Students must have knowledge of the names, use, and maintenance of hand tools which a craftsman needs to use. The list of hand tools used by an electrician is given below:

Name of Tools


  1. Measuring Tools.
  2. Micrometer and war gauge.
  3. Inside outside Calipers.
  4. Subber.
  5. Pricing Divider.
  6. Tri-Square.
  7. Center Pankee
  8. Fizor gauge
  9. Spirit level
  10. Plumb – Bob
  11. And Cutting Pliers.
  12. Die and Stoke
  13. Wire Stripping Pirates
  14. Combination Pliers
  15. Crippling Pirates
  16. Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  17. Flat nage pliers
  18. Round Nose Pliers
  19. Long nose preders
  20. Slip joint pliers
  21. Adjustable joint pliers
  22. Flat Quo Driver.
  23. Tap hedder and tape
  24. Pipe bellers
  25. Phillips school driver
  26. Flexible Blades Fu Driver
  27. Connect screw drive
  28. Offset crew driver
  29. Crosspin Hammer
  30. Bolin Hammer
  31. Plastic or soft hammer
  32. Wooden hammers or mats
  33. Copper Hammer
  34. Clo Hammer
  35. Cold cheeses
  36. Former (both) cheeses.
  37. Ten s’
  38. What the way
  39. Hand ‘s’ / back’
  40. Hand tong or pinch
  41. Carpetary Brace or Racquet Brace
  42. Held Drill
  43. Electric Hand Drill
  44. Hummer drill.
  45. Blow lamp.
  46. Rawal Poppi Tools.
  47. File
  48. Extile or Slide Range
  49. Ring ranges or spanner
  50. Open spanner or dow rang
  51. Socket or box range
  52. Pipe Range
  53. Monkey Range
  54. What is Alain?
  55. electric Seling Iron
  56. Hack “S”
  57. Zaunir Haq’s “
  58. Counter perfect
  59. Cut of the season
  60. Cutting the belt
  61. Remix
  62. Hydraulic Copter
  63. Hand Compressor
  64. Neon Tester
  65. Bincon vice
  66. Salf Locking Highland Pipe Vice
  67. C-Clamp
  68. electric ninja or knife
  69. pipe cutting
  70. Tin Cut or Clip
  71. grid songs
  72. Jimlet
  73. Pulley Puller