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Forward Reverse control Diagram For three-part Motor

Forward reverse control diagram. This post is regarding the dominant and schematic drawing of three part motor forward reverse motor starter. during this post you’ll complete find out about the forward reverse 3 part motor dominant starter diagram. within the three part motor forward reverse starter schematic drawing. I shown the three pole MCCB fuse, a pair of magnetic contactor, ordinarily open, ordinarily shut button switch, thermal overload relay, three part four wire system provide, three part motor with association, trip indicator lightweight etc. briefly this the entire guide of forward reverse starter wiring and installation.

Forward Reverse control Diagram for 3 part Motor

For three-part motor forward reverse feedback circuit. we have a tendency to use a pair of ‘magnetic contactors’ as forwarding reverse switch. Here I showed the forward-reverse schematic drawing. within the diagram, I connect the incoming 3 part provide L1, L2, L3 to the MCCB fuse (molded case circuit breaker). And from the MCCB breaker, I connect the provision to each ‘magnetic contactors’.

Here the L1 is connecting to the each contactors initial terminal. L2 wire connected to the each ‘contractors’ ordinal terminal. And L3 wire connected to each ‘contractors’ third terminal.

But the out association is completely different. wherever L1 is connected on T1 terminal and connected on T3 terminal in the ordinal magnetic contactor. The L2 is connected is each contractor in same terminals (T2). The L3 is connected in T3 terminal in initial contractor and in ordinal contactor in T1 terminal.

After that, the 3 part provide goes to thermal overload relay and from thermal overload relay the wet goes to the three-part motor association plate and provided to three part motor. Here I even have shown the forward-reverse control diagram for three-part motor.

Now return to the dominant wiring. Here I had shown that the each cont actors ar 220 holiday. this implies that the contactors additionally needed the neutral wire. within the on top of three section motor forward reverse schematic drawing.

The neutral wire 1st goes to the thermal overload relay North Carolina contacts and to the sunshine indicator. From the ordinal thermal overload relay traditional shut contacts the provision goes to the each contactors coil contacts/terminals. And connect with each magnetic contactors A1-A1 terminals.

After that the L1 wire is goes to the thermal overload relay NO contacts and from ordinal thermal relay NO contacts terminal the wire goes to the sunshine indicator. therefore if the motor trip the sunshine indicator can glow up.

For ordinarily shut (red/stop) switch switch the provision comes from the L3 in red color wire. And from the North Carolina switch the wire goes to each NO switches (forward and reverse push button). And from here the Hold current wire goes to the each magnetic contactors NO auxiliary contacts(connection points).

From the forward switch switch the (touch current) offer goes to ordinal contactor North Carolina auxiliary contacts and from the auxiliary contacts the wire goes to the primary magnetic contactor NO auxiliary contacts terminal and coil A2 terminal as shown within the on top of forward reverse control diagram.

The same wiring affiliation is completed with the reverse switch switch. The bit or beginning current goes from the reverse switch and connect with the primary contactor ordinarily shut auxiliary contact/terminal and from the auxiliary contacts the wire goes to ordinal contactor ordinarily open auxiliary contacts/terminal and contactor coil A2 terminal as shown in on top of diagram.

In the on top of affiliation, if the one contactor energized then alternative contactor won’t energized in same time.

You can watch the following video or read the written tutorial below.