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 If the computer is part of your daily life then there is undoubtedly an integral part of your computing life. Today, the problem of the soft war yesterday is that hardware problem. From Wordage Seven to DOS, from Pentium 1 to Core i-Seven- this problem was always with your PC! So, to use a computer, it is vital to have your knowledge of the solution. For those who do not have Connor’s idea about this, this article is for them. Here I explained how to solve various problems of computer and how to solve them step by step. hoping The text will come to everyone

Problem 1- How to know basic computer configurations

Solution: There are several ways to know basic computer configurations. Right click on My Computer and go to Properties and find out from the General tab, processor, RAM, and operating system information. Graphics or display can go to the profile and learn from the information about the graphics card information. And in many cases, buying a computer

 These are written in cachemematei. One can do another job. With the help of an experienced user, you can find out the information. Do not know how to go and write it carefully, keep this information coming later.

Problem 2- The way to get a computer casing

Solution: The task of a computer casing is very simple. You can do this by taking a little bit of attention. Generally, it’s 2 + 2 = 4 skulls to open it behind the casing. Turn off the power supply from the casing. Remove all the plugs from behind the motherboard.

If you see King from the front, you have to open its left side. You’ll need a nice four-wheeler square driver to open the square. Keep Skin Careful.

Once the school is done, separate the cover from the side of the casing. Generally, slide the cover a bit to the back

Issus-3 The way to identify different parts of the computer

Solution: To get ideas about different parts of the computer, you will need to open the casing first. For this reason, open the two schools behind the casing and look inside.

 1, Motherboard is the original main circuit that looks at the bard. The power supply is on the back side of the casing. They come out of the power supply, red, yellow, black or blue. Some of its connected motherboards and some direct-to-hardware such as CD drive, floppy drives, hard disks.