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Use of Home Ribbon

The Home Ribbon is the first of all because the Ribbon is sort of about the commonly used command Has been there. Generally Cut, Copy, Paste, Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline Alignment etc. This Ribbon is composed of commonly used commands, Clipboard. Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells, and Editing command group.

Use of clipboard commands

This section contains Copy, Cut, Paste, and Format Painter commands

Paste Special

  1. Select a number of different parts of the Rup1 file and select Cut and Copy command.
  2. Now click on the bottom edge of the Paste button from the Clipboard Command group. Paste here Different types of commands, including Special, will come. Select Paste Special, then the Aste Special dialog box will appear.

Use of Clipboard Task Pane

Office Clipboard has the most changed and important uses here. Paste command All the problems here are solved. Select the object in which the cut/copy command is given it will remain on the clipboard. Here you can put 24 items of Mat. That’s the 24’s Context, which can be posted at the corner. The other right corner is selected by right click Can be deleted. All items of the clipboard together with Paste All command Can be paste in the workbook. The clipboard can be blank with Clear All command again.

  • Clipboard command group Click on the right side row (). Clipboard The task pane will come with the items Cut / Copy command will be arranged. You must give the necessary command.

Cell Formatting / Font Command Group

Now we can sort the font in the cell in different ways. Open Novel File and select some text. Now from Bold, Italic, Underline, Border, Font Select, Font Size from Font Command Selector Increase Font Size / Decrease Font size by clicking on the button to make the font smaller ‘big or the font Color etc. will change.

 Click the Font Command group () in the right-hand corner box (). Format Cells dialog the box will appear and the Font tab will be selected.

Number Format / Number Command Group

Basically, the number format is used in mathematical numbers. Like number% sign in the corner, The decimal mark, currency or currency symbol, fractional connection date, time, text format etc. The number command group is used clicking on the General Options drop-down arrow, comes the detailed options.

  1. Click the number command group in the lower right corner box. Format Cell; Box Come and select the Number tab.

Alignment / Cell Marge / Indent (Alignment Command Group)

 If you enter data in Excel, the left-hand side of the text is Left Alignment and Value When numeric or mathematical numbers are written, right alignment has an automatic setting. If you wish, this alignment can be changed, also the text is vertically or horizontally setting can be done. Some cells can be turned into a cell. Horizontal and vertical these two types can be aligned. From the horizontal align, the left means to the left, the right is the right Sitting in the center and center, in the center of the equation, sitting in the middle, Fill will equal the right, Justify means that it will be equal to the next right-hand column, thus you can set it. Vertical Align From top to bottom, sit in the center, Bottom means to sit down in the center, ie center it will be set up / down on the top/bottom, thus setting it up. Setting Both General Settings Will is undone. To open the Nova1 file, a cell text in the corner will be tortured. Grow the pens and nails Will be Now from the Alignment command group Top Middle. Bottom, Left, Right, and Center at the corner Alizarin has to do. Click on the Indent button to make Left / Right Intent. Orientation The corner-type orientation that you want to click on the bottom of the button. Select a few blank cells and different merges.