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How to work in the worksheet

Move the cursor using the keyboard.

Some tasks or commands can be used quickly in Microsoft Excel using the keyboard. Such as cursor move, cut, copy, paste, print, etc. When you open Microsoft Excel, the rectangle that is displayed in the upper corner of the worksheet, Call him a cell pointer. The cursor is displayed when the cell pointer is typed in the cell. But the cell If the pointer is transferred, the fertilizer becomes insufficient. Then the function shows the cursor by pressing F2. Cursor Editing or editing is not possible without cell pointer transfer. Normally with the type, The car is transferred. Cell pointer or cursor can be moved with mouse and keyboard. Keyboard Using the following keys to free the cursor in different places in the worksheet.

Move cursor from cell to cell:

  • To move the cursor one letter from the left to the left ………………… Key is pressed.
  • To move a character from the left to the right cursor in the cell ….. key is pressed.
  • To move the cursor one line upwards to the key….. ………………………Key is pressed.
  • To move a line down the cursor to the cursor ….. ………………………….Key is pressed. 

Moving cursor from page to page;

  1. Move the cursor down one screen to the bottom of the page Down key.
  2. Press the Page Up key to move the cursor one screen upwards.

Move cursor to the beginning and end of the row;

  • What is the Home key to move the cursor to the beginning of the house?
  • End key is pressed to move the cursor after the end of the body.

Move cursor to begin and end of the worksheet:

  • At the beginning of the worksheet, press Ctrl + Home to move the cursor.
  • To move the cursor after the worksheet, press the Ctrl + End key.

Move the cursor to the beginning of the first row and the last row:

  1. To move the cursor to the first row in the worksheet, press the end key to move down Arrow To press.
  2. To move the cursor to the last row in the worksheet, press the End key to move down Arrow To press.

 Moving cursor to the next worksheet:

  1. Press the Ctrl + Page down key to move the cursor to the next worksheet.

Move cursor to the previous worksheet

1. Press Ctrl + Page Up to move the cursor to the previous workbook.

Worksheet Data Entry

To work in the worksheet, the first data entry is done. The data used in Excel is mainly Is divided into four parts. Namely;

(A) Text

(B) Number

(C) Logical

(D) Error


 Usually, Letter, Number, Special Character is the Text | Writing a maximum of 255 characters in a cell. Goes. If the text is larger than the cell, then the next cell is displayed or displayed.


Numbers can be formatted in different ways. Date and Time can be specially formatted


 True and False two types of logical data entry can be done.


 Apply the wrong formula to the corner cell and press Enter to hit the error message.

In addition to the worksheet, the Continuous is the same data, such as the numerical number, month name Or day’s name etc. are desirable. In this situation, 1, 2, 3 a lot of time writing this way Matter According to the Data Fill rules, this can be done very easily.

Create serial number

  • Office button and click on New command. The New Workbook dialog box will appear. Here From the Blank Workbook, select the Create button. The blank workbook will come.
  • Write 1 and 2 in A1 and A2 cells.
  • A1 to 4.2 will be selected/blocked.
  • A2 cell (right) on the bottom right of the A2 cell. Take the mouse pointer in this symbol The pointer will convert (+) to the pass mark. This is called Fill Handle.
  • Fill Handle In fact, by clicking the left wing of the mouse, take down the A20 cell in the lower side Have to take. Now the A20 cell will be filled with a series of numbers

Thus, in the A1 and A2 cells, entering 5 and 10 will fill the data [5, 10, 15, and 20] in such a way.

Data Fill by month name

  • Type A in January and press enter in January.
  • Again, the cell pointer must be shot in the black box under the A1 cell at the right. Sign (+) or Fill Handle will come.
  • Fill Handle Dodge the bottom and press the A12 cell to release the mouse button. Sales will be done in January, February, and March. Fill Handle can be filled in the row by storing the row according to the row.
  • If Conte Cell Sunday is typed and Data will be filled, Sunday will be done this way. 01/01/04 Thus, by filing date, Deli fill 01/01/04. 02/01/04, 03/01/04) will be fulfilled in this way.

Data Fill In Multiple Fields

Data Fill is possible in more than one field at a time.

  • A1 cell in January, B1 cell Sunday, in the C1 cell 01/01/14 to enter and enter.
  • AT, B1 and 1 cell block/select.
  • Fill Handle below the C1 cell will be dragged to a C12 cell.

Multiple columns together Data Fill.