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Insert Ribbon

Use This can be connected to the worksheet in Picture, Clipart, Shape, Chart, Word Art, Header, Footer, Different Objects, Symbol Pivot, Table, and Pivot Chat. There are 5 command groups in this Ribbon, such as Tables, Charts, Links and Text.

Table command group

There are tables, Pivot Table, and Pivot Chart commands in the table command group. The commands can be presented with Pivot Table and Pivot Chart by presenting the information.

Illustration Command Group:

By this command group, you can attach pictures, clip art, shapes, and smart art to the worksheet.

Different types of pictures may be required in the worksheet. Very easily, this picture is harmless. There are different types of pictures or drawings. Picture of this is picture or image and Clipart, Shapes and Smart Art is drawn on the computer. Microsoft Office has a small software called Clipart Gallery. There are various types of pictures, clip art, movies and sound fail. Clipart Gallery can be used to share all the objects in the special prefix of Office such as MS-Word, MSPowerpoint, MS-Access, MS Publisher. This gallery can be edited or deleted by modifying the object

Chart Command Group

Various types of charts can be formatted through this command group.

Command Group of Spark Lines

The Sparklines command contains the group Line, Column, Win / Loss commands. With these commands, Column, Win / Loss can be presented with information.

Arrange Size Command Group

From here to the Bring to Front / Bring Forward, Send to Back / Send Backward Type fLip or Rotation can be done. You can cut the image by clicking on the Crop button from the Size command group or by typing box size. Align Group / Ungroup can also be made of different types.

Filter command group

Through it, various types of Data Sorting Get Advanced Filtering filtering different types Goes.

Link Command Group

Insert ribbon links from which corner type hyperlink can be created.

Text command group

This command group can be used to create text boxes, Header and Footer, Word Art, Signature, and various object and symbols in the worksheet.

Signature Line

With the Signature Line button, you will need to run Microsoft Office Signature Line ….. Command. The dialog box should actually be OK. Once again, the Signature Setup dialog box will be available in Signature by typing the data into Ok.