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Operating system categories

MEMORY organizations, various pregame programs or corking and secondary or supportive memories Depending on the device, operating systems can be divided into different categories. Namely

Batch Processing Operating System

The operating system that runs one program after another, then batch processing it Say sum It’s just a specific task when it comes to batch processing features at a particular time can do. There is no facility for multihoming Ming or timesharing. Another feature of this is to revolve When a program starts to operate, another program cannot start its activities until it finishes.

Here I= Input, P = Processing, 0 = ‘Output.

This operating system was the primary operating system on mainframes and minicomputers. The batch processing operating system is also used in microcomputer CP / M, MS-DOS and PC-DOS.

Interactive activation or an online operating system

The online operating system is basically a superior version of a virtual operating system. This system The user can store all the information on his computer online or on the Internet, of which As a result, if the user does not even have access to his or her own computer, even in the corner of the world He can use his computer virtual on the Internet.

Multiprocessing Operating System

 Multiprocessing is either two or more instructional parallel to two or more central processors or Being categorized by the CPU These CPUs at the same time, different directions of a program at the corner By fulfilling a separate program, a full-fledged marriage can be done. Mani pressing method The speed of the work is very fast. More processors are more dependent on this process It can be done, but when a processor becomes corrupted, the operation does not stop. Spacecraft, Electricity Generation Centers and Large Factories In this case Mahisacing System is used. Since at There are multiple processors in the process so many processors do not have to process the same program together There is a system that can be called synchronization. Multipressissi Each flag is connected to a flag bit. Angle program flag bits zero (0) If the processor did the program process and the rote writ was one (1). So that’s Pragagram’s flag bits one (1) that praxes will not process in the first leg.

Multiprocessing or Multitasking Operating System

Multiplexing or a multitasking operating system, a computer can run many programs at the same time Can or data processing. After a program processing in the batch processing operating system Another pram is processing. In this case, low-speed input-output peripherals can be seen When the devices are busy transmitting data, the higher the speed CPU is lazy. Either they are sitting. But in multiplayer mapping, there are several programs in m (RAM) associated with it. Input-output peripheral devices are the same when the CPU is processing a pregame in the corner. Giving input or taking the input of another program or giving output. And this is At the time the CPU started processing another program. So CPU’s even input-output The peripheral system is never lazy. Five programs simultaneously through the table below Or the activities of the Jumbo appear in the multiprogramming process.

In multiprogramming, there are four or five programs in the main memory of the computer at the same time and together. Thereby, the membrane is to be much bigger. The membrane is divided into several parts. This split petitions Say The main memorials of these petitions have different preferences in different places so that multiple programs are not written in the same place. In this way, memory protection is arranged. this The procedure is primarily processed in priority or on the basis of Priority. High Priority Programs The main memorials are in the foreground partitions and this pregrammagaya beats the front Say Fewer Prayers are called program. IBM / VM, A multipurpose operating system such as VM / SPCMS, Mac OS, UNIX, LINUX etc.

Differences between multiprocessing and multi-programming operating systems TSC