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Primary Treatment for Electric Hazard

Primary treatment: Accidents can occur at any time when doing electrical work. Accident. The person who is given medical treatment immediately before arrival to the doctor is called primary treatment. Many times the primary treatment is enough for the wounded person to be healthy enough. An initial accident of the person injured in an electrical accident is very important. If the injured person does not have primary medical treatment or if it is not correct, then there will be no time for treatment for the next stage; That is, the life of the injured person may be feared. In most cases, it is not possible to take the person with the accident immediately to a hospital or to call a doctor. In this condition, the primary treatment given to the person suffering from the accident is called primary treatment. The primary medical practitioner is quick and easy to do.

Prerequisites for primary treatment

The reasons for the initial medical requirements of the electrical accidents are unfulfilled:

  1. An individual can stop breathing in an electric shock or other reason. At the same time, the primary treatment needs to be started in the artificial way of breathing. Initially, the role of the doctor is not important. If there is no preliminary treatment waiting for an expert doctor, the wounded person may be killed.
  2. If a person has a broken leg or injury due to falling from above or due to electric accidents If the gift has been removed, then it is necessary to place his bones or gut in the proper place and take it to the hospital.
  3. In case of an electric accident, the person has to cut the hands and legs before bandaging the blood and then Call the doctor.
  4. If someone becomes unconscious in the electrical accident, primary care is enough to restore his knowledge.
  5. If someone falls into the water in an electric accident, to bring water out of his stomach and to bring back the knowledge, to bring the knowledge back to his stomach

There is no alternative to primary treatment. In all cases mentioned above, the courage of the person who is injured, his body warmed, etc., the primary Treatment includes.

Therefore, the health of the injured person and the importance of primary treatment is immense.

List of tools used in primary care:

Some of the most common types of equipment are needed for primary treatment. Slowly:

  1. Medicated Cotton.
  2. Bandage.
  3. Savalon / Datel .
  4. Color or ointment.
  5. Kali, Yarn, Cotton.
  6. Tincture ayadine .
  7. Tincture Benzene.
  8. Leucoplast.
  9. Medicated Yard.
  10. Blades.
  11. Sharp knife.
  12. Farsipe .
  13. Needle with Needle.
  14. Some medicines for pain relief etc.

Initial medical treatment for the person receiving an electrical shock: Electric shock is safe to shock safely Doing treatment will be done. At this time the heart of the injured person became weak. Sometimes the breathing stops. This type of infection is usually treated in three different ways, which is shown in the picture.

  1. The injured person will have to be quietly covered and laid. By the third person as soon as the doctor Arranged or injured person will have to arrange a hospital.
  2. Now notice that the injured person’s breathing is OK and there is no cut, scalp or wound anywhere.
  3. If the injured person’s breathing has stopped, then his breathing should be started simultaneously.

4 The body of the injured person should be opened, such as belts, tight clothes, pant wings etc.

  1. The injured person must be laid in the free air as far as possible.

6. In this process, the person who was electrified, shook his head as he did from the image below and tilt his head on one side To do it. No pillow can be given on the head. Then he got knocked on the side of the injured person and two of them The lower part of the paw is pressed by the palate of two hands and the body is slowly over its body. have to do. That is, the pressure on the kuaka should be increased gradually. Then again sit back and relax Will be In this way, remove pressure and pressures from 12 to 15 times in a minute. Until her breathing The breath is normal. Also, the person with the foot should massage the affected body, so that the body is warm and blood The movement is normal.

Then, the injured person’s arm should be lifted slowly from the bottom and then downwards You have to leave the maximum six times in seconds. The procedure mentioned is to take normal breathtaking measures several times. For normal breathing, the procedure must be run 8 to 10 times per minute. This has been shown.

Moreover, breathing can be normalized in other ways. In this case, a person with an electric shock injury will be given a natural breathing. In the same way, the injured person will have to take two arms back to the previous position and press on the chest again. The air will come out of the lungs. As long as the normal breathing does not begin, the procedure should be run 10 to 12 times per minute.

Apart from the above two methods, synthetic breathing can be taken. In this process, the person’s mouth and throat should be cleaned properly. Then the face of the service provider should be thoroughly cleaned. The left hand of the service provider will keep the injured fingers in the person’s teeth. With the right side of the injured person folded in the back of the injured person, the right side of the jaw should be pressed by the right hand. This is shown in an image.

Now the service provider should take the sigh and put his face along the injured person’s mouth and pump the air. This will extend the wound of the injured person. Then after a few seconds the service Provide the face of the person with the help of Abani injured person, put his face in front and bring out the wind. Thus, after a few seconds, the procedure will be rewarded properly. In this process. Both the service providers and the Raging cannot have any of the most contagious infections to carry out primary care.