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Problems with Display / Monitor Problems

Problem 1- The picture does not come in the monitor

Solution 1. If the monitor does not appear in the corner and its LED light burns, then the graphics/video card has difficulty connecting or the monitor’s connection to the cable has disappeared. Check the connection. Sometimes the problem is solved, but this problem is solved. You can also reset the Bias settings.

Problems 2- Can the monitor blur or shake me?

Solution 2– If the monitor seems blurred or it shakes, it is understandable that there is a discrepancy between the refresh rate on the monitor and the graphics card. If this problem is occurring while wind age is done, then the monitor refresh rate is incorrectly set. In the meantime, after the system is booted, launch the Windows Phone Safe Mode by pressing Key-Bard F8 only when you see the Starting Windows Message. Go to Graphics / Display Properties and rate the refresh rate.

Problem 3- What is the solution of the obscure color and pattern in the monitor?

Solution 3– If there is no visible color and pattern in the monitor, and if the monitor is shaky or does not start, then it is necessary to understand that there is no direct driver for your direct x old or graphics card. So always the last direct Use x and keep graphics card driver updated. If you still have problems, then understand that there is a problem with compatibility between your video card and Windows. Show someone who is experienced in the situation or sell them with vendor.

Problem 4- What is the problem of graphics card problems?

Solution 4– If you hear three short beeps after switching on the monitor and the PC’s power switch, then understands the problem with the graphics card. Open your graphics card and put it on another computer to make sure it’s okay. If you have a built-in graphics, then you can test different graphics card with AGP flat. You can also reset the BIAS settings to solve the problem of Integrated AGP.

Problem 5- CRT or LCD monitor? Which one is OK?

Solution 5– Undoubtedly the LCD is a lot better than the CRT monitor. It is not only beautiful that its picture is not likely to harm your pet. And its electricity cost is much lower than the CRT. Above all, the alarm in the LCD monitor. It takes a lot less and can work with ease.