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 The Menu Bar and Ribbons

Title Bar

At the top of the Excel screen, the title of the Microsoft Excel text bar is titled Times The Quick Access toolbar is located on the left of 4 buttons (the default). Microsoft Office Everyone has this time in front of them. Here is the name of the program and the name of the file which is open Remains. Now on the right side, the Minimize Tin Maximize Button or Restore Have buttons and close buttons.

Office Button

The name of the biggest gel button containing the Office logo in the top left corner of the Excel screen Office Button. This is a lot of Office 97.2003. Works like a file menu. This can be done by using File Open, New, Save As Print etc. Using this we have already opened new, open And learn how to use the Save option.

Quick Access Toolbar

The three buttons on the right side of the Office Button (the default) and a drop-down (down arrow) The name of the toolbar is Quick Access Toolbar. It has the Save, Undo and Redo buttons on the other hand. Clicking on a trick comes a drop-down me. There are many more options here. From here If you select the item in the corner, then it comes with a Tick mark () and it will appear in the Quick Access Toolbar is displayed. Once you click on it again, it will exit from the Quick Access toolbar.

Ribbon Tabs

Below the Quick Access toolbar is the most recommended and modified part of Office-2010 Ribbon Tabs It was created by combining the menus and toolbars located at office 97.2003. Excel includes Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review and View Ribbon Tab. Apart from this, more new Ribbons can be found in the context. Each Ribbon has Bold, Italic. Underline, Border. Font Color, Fill Color Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size | Some command groups have a square right-click on it The dialog box can be found.

The Font Command group should click on the four boxes at the bottom right or press Ctrl + Shift + F

The dialog box will appear.

Access the Ribbon

 A ribbon is the most important tool in Office 2010. The keyboard or the mouse on which the device has the Ribbon Can be accessed. Home, Insert, Page Layout etc. In which corner click on the mouse on the ribbon If you have to scroll or scroll in the mouse, scroll over the Ribbon toolbar group or the keyboard To press Alt key, press the key to come to a shortcut key about each.

Use of formula bar tools

Formula bar

Under Ribbon and Command Group, the formula that is divided into two parts is called formulas. In the first part of the formula bar, the cursor that is in the cell is written, i.e. B5, F14, etc. In this section Due to having a cell address, it is called the name box. Enter the corner address in this section (Egg M5, B9 etc.) Enter the cursor in the cell. Enter FX besides Name Box if there is a corner formula or data written in the cell at the pointer beside empty space, then it can be seen. Data If you need formula, then click on this cell, enter it and enter it.

 For example, in the D2 cell formula, the formation of the Bee and B2 cells has been extracted with the formula Next, a formula in formula bar has been shown to keep the car in the D2 cell.

Status Bar

Below the horizontal Scrollbar, the name of the Ready text bar at the bottom of the Excel screen is called Status Bar. If you’re ready in the status bar, you should understand the current condition of the cursor Have there. If you enter Enter, the data in the cell is being edited. Originally edited To return to the worksheet, press Esc from Keyword. At the right side of the status bar, three There is a button to change the view from Normal, Page Layout and Page Break Preview You can do this by dragging the slider on the right and at the end, you can make View smaller / big.

  1. The pop-up menu will appear on the status bar by clicking on the mouse Right. You can select/deselect the necessary items from here.


The screen monitor of the computer monitor is displayed only on some cell screens of the huge worksheet. Otherwise, the cells remain on the screen. The data contained in the cells in the arc sheet with the help of the scrollbar Scrolling right-to-left or top-down can be displayed on the screen quickly. There is a scrollbar on the right and bottom of the worksheet. Scroll Arrow moves up-down, right-to-left by the arrow. If you hold down the mouse pointer in the area below the scrollbar, the worksheet will be raised upwards and If you hold down the mouse pointer in the top arrows, the work will move downwards, right down If you press the mouse pointer to the left, then the document will move to the left and hold the mouse pointer on the left side, then the document will move to the right.

Two types of scrollbar Namely-

  • Vertical scrollbar.
  • Horizontal scrollbar service.

Vertical scrollbar

The vertical scrollbar on the right-hand side of the worksheet is called vertical scrollbar. With this helped the worksheet can be displayed at the top and bottom.

Horizontal scrollbar

 The scrollbar that appears on the right-hand side of the bottom of the worksheet is called the vertical scrollbar. Of it, the worksheet can be displayed on the right and left.