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Safety of Working Procedure

Due to absenteeism, excess confidence, ignorance, inexperience, loose-poured peak, misuse of machinery, carelessness, etc., due to the accident in the mill-factory. Short circuit work to do electrical work Should be cautious about fire and other accidents. Now with the advancement of science Almost every use of electricity in human life has become very desirable. In that context Most people around the world need to know about electricity and its uses. But to know about electricity If it does not cause danger, then be sure to do it and know the strategy to safeguard the electricity Be sure to use it. By doing the electrical work properly, the electric work is called safe work procedure.

Security and safe practice: Security First, security at work first, it is universally recognized. At the beginning of any work, the security aspects must be considered first. Security at the beginning of work, safety during work hours and safety at the end of the work, in these matters. Have to think differently. The safety of the work that does not occur during the electrical work is called safety. All types of vehicle management, repair, machine handling, repair, construction and repairs, electrical installation, operation, and repair etc. Security issues are a priority. By doing the electrical work properly, the electric work is called safe work procedure.

Security of electrical work: Safety in electrical work is most acceptable and important. Because the risk of life is the biggest risk of life. That’s the time to do electrical work All aspects of safety are to be considered as follows:

(A) Before doing work in electrical lines or equipment, they will be properly financed or otherwise electrically Will have to be freed. If there is another dangerous line near the nearest line, then it will have to be free. Keep an eye on them, so that the risks in the security system during work hours are not fulfilled.

(B) Control instruments or switches of electric wounds have to be switched to live ‘cable.

(C) Before working on a live line, its supply should be a disconnected and disconnected device Be sure to see it and be sure to work.

(D) Before connecting the electricity in an isolated or newly constructed line, be sure that no one in the line is working.

(E) The use of rubber gloves rubber shoes, appraisals, and safety helmets etc. should be ensured while working on electric lines.

(F) The safety belt will be used to do electrical work in the pellet or towers.

(G) All circuits will have to be closed off by the time of changing the circuit of a circuit.

(H) The electricity supply should be turned off in a part where the electric work is to be done. It is not possible to switch off, in case of standing on dry wood or rubber, ie pills should be left free of cost.

(I) The use of all electrical equipment will be standard.

Reasons for the occurrence of an electrical accident: Security at any work first. No one in exchange for life Not working. It is more important for electric work. Knowing the safety conditions correctly yourself Safeguarding procedures for doing electrical work properly, keeping the danger free. Electric accidents may be organized for various reasons. However, due to the usual electrical accidents, the following are as follows:

  1. In violation of an electric law.
  2. If you are unemployed in work

3, due to the feeling of intimidation and nervousness.

  1. Because of ignorance and idiocy
  2. Going to show extra courage
  3. If the use of maintenance and control equipment is not correct.
  4. As a result of using defective equipment.
  5. If you do not have proper electrical machines, machinery or equipment running properly.
  6. Acting on a neutral switch is thought to be right.

10, the electrical line is not sure about whether there is a supply or electrostatic charge Touching

11, if the supply line, the control equipment, the maintenance equipment, etc. are not sufficient in the form of machinery, energy and mechanical.

  1. If the electric machine or the line is not working, it is not sure if electricity is provided.
  2. If conductive wire insulation is bad.
  3. Because the rolling machine is not covered. If not working.
  4. Helmet, Argon, Safety belt, Hand globes, Goggles wear while working on electric lines

The requirement of an accident prevention system: In an electrical accident, a person may be injured, lame, or even die. Again, resources, machine letters can also be damaged or destroyed. In some cases, there is a great loss of fire in electrical accidents. If such an electrical accident occurs, then the action taken to eliminate it is called an accident preventive measure. The importance and prudence of the accident preventive system to avoid the disastrous consequences and reduce the loss-damage are unlimited.

List of accident prevention/prevention and preventive equipment: Accidents may occur at any time. If you use the necessary equipment to prevent and prevent accidents in electrical work In many cases, it is easy to avoid accidents and remove them quickly. The tools used are:


  1. Fire Extinguisher or Fire Detector.
  2. carbonated Oxide Gusher 
  3. Carbon tetrachloride. 
  4. water in the bucket, sand 
  5. Dry wood, bamboo
  6. Meta paper.
  7. Safety Helmet 
  8. Wale Arriving 
  9. and Grabs 
  10. Safety belt 
  11. Rubber shoes 
  12. Appreciation 
  13. Goggles
  14. Neon Tester 
  15. Hot Stick 
  16. maintenance machine 
  17. Warning Nationals 
  18. Control instruments
  19. Bird Coward
  20. Lightning Arrester
  21. Her
  22. cutter fence etc.

Prevention tool: With the help of equipment that prevents any accidents with the speed of the device They can be controlled or prevented. The following is the name of some common accidental equipment named below Reflected.

  1. Primary medical box,
  2. Fire Extinguisher
  3. Bucket filling sand.