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Solving the various issues related to the internet

 Problem 1- slow down the Internet

Solution: 1 If you have internet access using the mobile Internet modem, then it is possible Depending on the network, it may be a little slow. Always keep the modem in the open space. Because of the network on it Depends on At the same time, using the Mobil handset as a modem instead of a modem, it is possible to get more speed. Because of Mabel, The ability to accept the phone’s network is more than the modem. And avoid browsing on the computer while downloading.

Problem 2 – Cannot find computer internet modem

Solution 2 – If you do not find your dial-up or GPRS / EDGE modem due to the solution, then it will be slotted / part Check it out. Restart your computer and try again.

Problem 3- Getting PC modem but not internet

Solution-3 For Dual-Up Modem See if the phone has a dial tone. To know if the modem is working properly, please go to Device Manager and check it out. Please reinstall the modem driver again. For Edge / GPRS modem Check the mobile network. See if there is a limit internet activation. Try installing new drivers.

Problem 4- Modem service / no network

Solution – 4 If this is the problem of GPRS or EDGE Modem 1. Connect the area by opening it from the tray and connect it again. Often, there are net problems due to not having the limit connection to the modem facility. Please install the 2 drivers again.

Problem 5- Having a network problem in Internet Modem

Solution – 5 If there is a network problem in GPRS or EDGE mode 1. Always keep the candy in the open space. Because the network depends on it. 2 Connect the length of the tray and connect it again. Sometimes the net problem due to not getting the limit connection to the modem facility Does it. 3. Please install new drivers again. When you buy an episode, you can check out whether this modem is compressed with Windows XP, Vince Seven or Linux Whether it is provided with all the drivers.

Problems 6- What is the way to set up Wi-Fi at home?

Solution – 6 If you want to use Wi-Fi on a laptop, you will only be able to buy a Wi-Fi router. More To use the desktop, you need to buy different adapters for the desktop. Or if you want the desktop from the router to the plan with the cable, you can work on the internet and networking. There are two types of router available in the market. 54 Mbps and 300 MBps. It is possible to get 54 MBps router in between Rupees 2200 Setting up the router. According to the cable internet setup. It allows you to easily see the corresponding manual.