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The spreadsheet package environment

Worksheets and Workbooks


The section of the vast sheet is called the worksheet. Columns of worksheet A, B, C, D, Etc. and the names of rows or rows are marked as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Various types of mathematical works are performed in the worksheet. Here are some steps to create a workshop there are also. For example, data collection, worksheet design, entry of quotas, formulas, editing data, Format data, analyzes and prints data.


Microsoft Excel spreadsheets embed various information, analyzes or renders them and for future use, the name of the corner can be stored. The saved format is FILE or the workbook is called. In a word, the Excel document is called a workbook. Generally a workbook there are 15 worksheets. If needed, work with multiple workbooks together and together Insert multiple sheet data at the same time.

Cells and Cell Pointer


The vertical lines are written in formula A, B, C, D, etc. are located at the bottom of the formula. And 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Written landscape lines are called Rows and each house is called a cell. The figure below shows the A1 of column 1.

Cell pointer

The cell whose cell is in the cell as a cell pointer. Usually, the other cursor to work in the corner cell Cell pointer to be selected in the cell. After the end of the work, the cursor is written in the cell Becomes permanent.

Cell Addresses

We know that a cell is composed of a column and a row, and one of each cell is formed Has the address. This address is called cell address. Cell addresses consist of columns and rows indicator Is. Normally, to get the address of the cell phone, first the pen indicator and the row indicator Is to write. In the case of cell address A1, according to the below illustration, column A in column A and 1 slope Row indicator An.

Cell Address TWO Type

(A) Absolute cell addresses and

(B) Relative cell address

Absolute cell addresses and

Whatever the address of the cell address in the formula, the actual address of the cell used in it will be called the Absolute Called sen address. The asset cell address structure is $ A $ 1 in nature.

Relative cell addresses

The cell address that is assigned to the formula position is called Relative Cell Address. Relative The cell address structure is in A1 nature.