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Computer, mobile phones, and cameras

Problem 1- How to transfer data to mobile phones without a data cable.

Solution: Currently mobile phones, digital cameras, and MP3s or MP3 players are in the house at home. Almost all of it swoops to USB2.0 That is, the ability to exchange data without installing the driver in the corner. But if you do not have a data cable with your mobile phone then you can transfer the data in the following two ways.

  1. It is possible to exchange data easily with pen drive through a card reader. Which reduces both time and trouble? However, your mobile phone will have to be printed on the memory card. You will be required to put a card reader (price of 50-200 rupees) and insert the membrane card in the pc.
  2. Your phone memory card is imparted but another option for you is to use the Bluetooth adapter. Through this, you can send data from PC to phone without having to do the corner. But in this case, it takes a lot of time to drive May There is no problem with driver installation at Windbags Seven. You can buy a Bluetooth adapter in between 200-300 taka. The advantages of a card reader and Bluetooth adapter are those that you can use in any of the company’s mobile applications.

Problem 2- are unit you able to clear the image of the digital camera?

Solution: Neither the camera is cleansed by digital cameras. Your mobile’s If you’ve got the most recent eight megapixels or additional, then you’ll expect shut quality photos. Although mistreatment Photoshop tools you’ll increase the image quality, it’ll ne’er be the standard of digital cameras.

Problem 3- however, am I able to take photos with a digital camera?

Solution: to cut back the dimensions of the image, you’ll choose the dimensions of but seven megapixels within the camera settings. You can once the icon or icon, you’ll cut back the dimensions of the icon with Photoshop or anyone image Editor. Two things area unit the foremost vital for the well-filmed photos. Firstly, the position of the ala wherever the image is taken and also the camera Do not shave the shutter whereas moving. Note that the supply of Ala doesn’t see before of the camera. Then the image is evident Will not return It ought to keep within the image, behind the image. Does not use flash in daylight? Flush the flush throughout a photograph or dusting in a very soiled or watery atmosphere.

Problem 4- The keyword on the keyboard is returning.

Solution: The key drawback in Keyword is that it’s the key-bard button that doesn’t return, and also the different Come knowing to resolve this drawback is incredibly straightforward. Go to the electrical device and visit Regional and Language choices. From the Keyboard and Language tab, click amendment Keyboard. * Keyboard and Language amendment Keyboard-43 from there, choose us International and apply. Ok.

Problem 5- The mouse isn’t operating.

Solution: typically, the matter of dirt and dirt accumulation within the rugged mouse mugs typically creates issues. That’s why regularly clean the mouse. First, move the mouse on the remand move the bracelet with a finger on rock-bottom half turn around and switch left. Resolve the inner racer ball. Currently look within the mouse holes. There is a unit many. A ruler can see. Dirt-dust is accumulated there. The mouse and also the nails with the nails of the hand and also the mouse is inverted Drop it. Currently take away the ball with clean fabric or tissue. Once all the work is completed, the disc is placed within the ball turn the other to show it off. There is no collar with an optical mouse. Thanks to the fundamental electronic circuits, clearing, millimeters, that don’t have the identity they cannot do something while not really buying a replacement mouse applications.

Problem 6 what does the built-in computer mean?

Solution: Now almost all the computers have a built-in battery. For example – AGP card, sound card, LAN card etc. Build means you have to give this hardware to your motherboard. You cannot buy separately and work with it. The built-in hardware on the performance can never be compatible with individual hardware. But those who are ordinary or medium quality Users have enough built-in sound or AGP cards for them. And if there is a problem with the built-in sound card or the ACP, Scandal In many cases, the pressure on the motherboard is very complex. But remember the built-in AGP this means that it shares the NAM from your system. So if you use the built-in AGP, the left side will be fine. Otherwise, there may be many problems with slowing down or slowing down the system. And with no problem with Keen LAN Card, You can run the job.