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Computer Use

Starting from the house, office-courts cannot be found where the computer is located Is not used. Office work, business, business, school-college-university, various types of projects, art Factories, sports, entertainment, shops, bank-insurance companies, meteorological office, space In all cases TAS-etc, computers are used nowadays.

At home

Homework used to work with computers. The housewife can make her family budget through the computer. Apart from playing video games, listening to music, watching videos, watching TV, etc. can be done through computers.

In Banks

Bank accounts are kept in the bank by the computer. Through online banking, The customer can do the transaction at that time, from which to the place. Besides, salaries of employees, various Type allowance, overtime, income tax, provident fund etc. are kept in the calculation.

In the Departmental Store

Selling off large departmental stores, ok, insurers, including all accounts of employees Either through a computer.

In railway and airports (In Railway and Airlines Reservations)

All the tasks of reservation in railway and airports are done through a computer. Computer It can be done quickly by pressing a few buttons. A ticket to a manual reservation system Many are mistakenly sold, but there is no problem with using a computer network.

In Communication

Information is transmitted from one place to another. Through telephone, Only voices can be transmitted. But through a computer, the role, movie, movie, document It is possible to send everything, etc.

In print and publishing

Printed books, magazines, newspapers, sign-barred, bill-worn etc. with the help of the computer. While When a writer takes the manuscript, the computer is first composed. After the different types, Textiles are printed on paper by straining them. Different types of pesters, covers etc. It is also designed to make it attractive.

In Education

Computers are used both offline and online. Different types of courses Protecting the materials are on the computer. After the presentation of the classes in class teacher through the projector Do it. Some mathematical diagrams are easily understood through a computer. Students Assignment Made a computer through.

In Hospital

Computers that are used in hospitals are also computerized. Also the Ranger case History, medicine stocks, etc. are all done through a computer.


The computer plays a big role in chewing lemonade. Different types of computer games, songs, Videos, TV shows, etc. are possible through the computer. There are also internet chatting issues.

In Research and Development

A computer is used in a variety of research purposes.

In Defense

Powerful defense equipment, weapons etc. Now computerize. Different types of missiles are controlled Through it. Various types of nuclear weapons are also controlled through the computer.

In Business and Industry

Businessman keeps all the records of his business on the computer. His accounts, employees’ salary, savings Regarding computer records. Also through CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing), Various products were made in the factory.