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What is a computer

The computer is an electronic device, which is very easy and with a lot of information in a short time, it is big Different types of problems can be solved with mathematical calculations. There are also memories, Part of the new part, arithmetic, and logic part and parts of construction are part of. It turns all data types into numbers After finishing the solution, it turns out to be transformed into blot. It’s an angle text or a picture The bone converted to the number cannot be hardened. It accepts downside down, analyzes later and Publishes results. It reveals extremely fast and accurate results.

Key Features of Computer

Accurate results in computer, speed, data saving, auto performance, tolerance, statue or memory Etc. Features exist.

Computer Speed High

Calculating 1 million data per second for a computer does not matter. Weather It is necessary to process millions of data for the repurchase. Gas, electric company bills Etc. In the case of large calculation, the computer works very quickly. It’s electric The speed that works through signals is slightly less than the speed of the ala.

Accurate results

People make mistakes, but computers never make mistakes. But the information provided on the computer is incorrect Then the computer released a mistake 1. This is what the computer will be asked to do. We get a lot of information about the computer error in the newspaper. It should be kept in mind The computer is not wrong, the person who created the program on the computer or provided the information is wrong Was there. The idea of computer error is called Garbage In Garbage but (GIGO).

Very large storage:   Typically, there is a low-file on paper in the official court. Suppose, within a million miles To find a file from. The matter is complex and time-consuming. If the files is kept on the computer but can be placed in a little space and in which corner a file can be in a moment Can be found out. 4 “x 6” sizes can be kept in a hard disk, about one hundred thousand books Soft copy of Not only textbooks but all types of images, audio, video etc. are all on the computer Can be 200x 1024x2424x 1024 curriculum or the same amount of databases in a 200 GB hard disk. It is possible to save.

24 hours a day can work (Diligence)

The computer is not tired. Do not need to break the computer’s corners or tea. 24 hours a day Even 365 days a year the computer can work. It is not possible for people to do this in such a way. Make the impossible possible (incredibility) Airline-rail line booking, credit card or smart card usage, weather messages, space Dubna, It is not possible to work properly on computers in different areas, such as controlling controls. Automation The computer can automatically process it in accordance with the given preference and device have given instructions. Versatility The multitasking system can work on the computer simultaneously and simultaneously many users can do different things. Logical Decision Although there is no brain or brain in the computer, it is appropriate to take appropriate decision May.