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Application package program.

 Various works such as typing letters, creating bills, accounting accounts, graphics designs There are different software for doing, audio-video, etc. All of it Application Software. It is divided into two parts. For example:


  1. The user or user-written program.
  2. Package programme.
  3. The user or user-written program

It is possible to solve complex problems in computers through which the problem is solved. Computer users can do their own practical program to solve complex problems that are in accordance with their needs. For business or industry, information management, accounting, and other activities in their own home often require special software to create software. In this course, of course, a recipient of the program maker is in need of refuge. Other statistical, Detailed program of inventory control products, program for making money outcome results Regarding the control of the list of programs, railway or aircraft seats, the order of production of the product Examples of love written by the user.

Application program

Practical problem; Several programs are available for commercial purposes. Such programs Specific types of work can be done with. This program provides a complete solution to practical problems. All these programs are called package regime. If a scientist is another one to perform his research work If you are writing software then this software will be available for the package program. Different types To solve the practical problems, many commercial software companies are organizing various programs They are marketed as package programs. For example, Wade Printing for writing Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet prefix (Microsoft Excel) for data processing, and data entry There are various pregame packages for analysis, such as Microsoft Access.

  1. Word Press software Desktop Software Wire.
  2. Desktop Publishing Software
  3. Spreadsheet software.
  4. Database Management Software
  5. Graphics, multimedia and presentation software.
  6. Entertainment and Education Software.
  7. Utilities Software.
  8. Communication Software.

Based on the practice field the package program can be divided into the following categories. For example:

  1. Integrated package software.
  2. Single process package software.

The integrated package software is commercially available for solving multiple issues. Various types of programs have been adapted to solve various problems. Such as spreadsheets, database management, data communication software, etc. Specific processing problems are solved with the process of acre processing package. Such as word processing For Microsoft Word, Word Straw, Perfect Packages are used in a program. Also, there are some software companies that are free to use free software software suppose that such software is freeware. And software that is a little feeble Users are allowed to use them as shareware.


Firmware is a special type of software that lends to specific hardware packaging. Generally, hardware-manufacturing companies provide such software with their own devices. Basic Input Output System (BIOS), which is a widely used firm on the computer. Each hardware is with its own device. The machine is usually in the firmware Is not there. That is the one machine! Different device drivers have lost their lives. This The medium consists of hardware and software. When making the computer, some permanent love is made in hardware. It is firmware. These can be read but cannot be changed. It’s a kind of IC. For example, the ROM on the BIOS (Read Only Memory Basic Input Output System) is an Air. Some programs Is kept in jam Oh and the TAAR merges in the mall.