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Real-time Operating System

The computer is well-defined in real-time systems and within a precise time, the propagation works The solution is to give results so that the user does not damage the corner. This process is also a type of online processing. However, there is a lot of difficulty in the process of online processing, but the user does not have a slight delay. But in the real-time field, the result must be given in the course of time or the user has a great deal of loss.

Time Sharing Operating System

In the Timesharing mode, many users simultaneously work on their computer with their own terminal Works. Basic computer processors periodically each user Performs the task. This means that the operating system processing time or different programs Distribute between users.

Real-time operating system difference:

Order Time Sharing Operating System

Real-time Operating System

01. In the time-sharing process, every program has a specific time for a processor, ie this method is dependent on time.

01. Real-time operating systems work with basic system management in case of continuous guidance when needed, such as satellite orbit determination etc.

02. All programs submitted at the Q are processed equally.

02. Programs are processed based on high priorities.

03. System resources are shared by sharing. 03. . Not completed for a specific time Until the resource cannot be used.
04. Edit - The operating system sharing the offline file. 04. Management-booking booking system, management of planes Operating system

Virtual Storage / Machine Operating System

Using the virtual storage or virtual machine operating system to help eliminate and eliminate limitations of major membranes and support, allows the program to access the secondary storage system directly and allow it. In this case, the place works like a primary storage device, ie the main memory. More than 200 prefixes can be executed simultaneously in the virtual storage system. In this way, the main membrane attached to the CPU is with the beryl storage and the heart or floppy disk. Connected Miami is called virtual storage. Examples of virtual storage systems such as VAX / VMS, IBM / VM, DOS-VM, WANG / VM etc.

Dedicated Operating System

Dedicated to the operating system used in order to accomplish specific tasks Say operating system. For example, the operating system, which is operated by other utilities, The system is used only for that office.

 Distributed Operating System

Some of the processors connected to the distributed seismic communication network, Memory or Clock does not share the Context. Each processor has its own Laical Memorial which is high Spare buses or other corner networks connect with the network Remains. Distributed computing in the modern section of computing. The processors of distributed systems Size and work may vary. Image 5.1 is a distributed system within Niter Site Turn to the show.

Site-C’s client-site A server can use resources through communication. Likewise, one site’s Resource can share the site of another site.

Types of Interface-based Operating Systems:

Based on the operating environment and the environment to work on the operating system, these are again Can be divided into two parts. Namely

  1. (Text based / Character User Interface-CUI) operating system and
  2. (Graphical User Interface-GUI) Operating System.

01.The text-based / Character User Interface-CUI operating system

On character-based operating systems, keyboards have different types of characters and keyboard buttons. The computer is provided with the necessary instructions. Starting file from disc format All levels of management and application program use are done with keyboard By typing different types and using different keywords of a keyboard. Examples: MS-DOS, PC DOS, UNIX etc.

02.Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating system

Image management and operating system de deforming from the start and management of applications All the steps of the program are to do different types of iconic Leon and pull-down menus Carry a tooth. Icon and menus are rated lower and effective With the help of the mouse. Starting the computer on the picture voice operating system Then there are icons or symbolic images of different programs on the top of the screen or on the desktop. Required program Love is turned on with the mouse pointer over the icon. D based It is not a desirable thing to keep an eye on the command in the operating system. Example: MS-WINDOW’s’ 95/98 / 2000WXP / Vista, Windows NT, Mac OS, LINUX etc.

Introduction to different operating systems Discussing the widely used operating system

Windows operating system

Personal computer users and users based on the first choice are listed Wind age Operating System. Usage and use of the latest features day by day Growing up because DOS-based operating systems are basically text-based, it is very difficult to use Do it. So, in 1985, Microsoft Corp. was the first image based user of the company Wind age 1.0 version was released in the market, later in 1995 as the Windows 95 operating system Come to the market. The operating system quickly gained popularity on the basis of which operating in the windows up to now Various versions of the system are out in the market. Some versions of Windows like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, and Windows Vista, basically connect many new features to the Microsoft Corporation Wind age operating system, aiming at users’ needs. Such as:

  1. Use of the Internet.
  2. UK, S, B, and DVD Support.
  3. Using the FAT32 and NTFS file system.
  4. The game of interactive game plays online games.