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What is a spreadsheet?

Spread meaning and sheet money page. So, the spreadsheet means the lexical page. Customer X-axis like paper and a small rectangular room with Y axis in front of the big shot Is. Excel’s vast spreadsheet can store various information and calculate mathematical calculations. This means that with the help of this program, a vast number of pages are divided into cells based on pens and rows. An embedded analysis can be described as a spreadsheet program. Normally Lotus: – 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets spreadsheet package known as program. Come on the computer Opening a program first opens a worksheet. Excel worksheet 2 * 8 = 256 Comes and 2 * 16 = 55,536 It contains 256 * 65,536 = 1,67,77,216 cells. Vast A small part of the spreadsheet or worksheet can be seen on the niter screen. More like a book It can be written on the page, as well as a different type of work in Excel.

Prerequisites for the spreadsheet program

With the help of the Spreadsheet, all accounts including banking and insurance management are extremely fast and Can be done accurately. It is very easy to work around one account.

With the help of a spreadsheet, the following thing is done: 

  1. the results of the students of the educational institution, salary, and bills of teachers and employees etc. were made.
  2. Save and analyze daily calculations.
  3. The annual income-expenditure report is made.
  4. Budget Preparation.
  5. Banking and insurance management, including accounts of all accounts.
  6. maintenance of production management.
  7. Income and other accounts created.
  8. Make scientific information and data calls.
  9. Making bills and salary calculations.
  10. Create all types of assets.
  11. All types of financial management.
  12. Make financial repairs
  13. Creating different types of charts or graphs to make the presentation interesting.

 List of spreadsheet packages

Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheets in the Windows and Macintosh operating system. In addition, more specialized types of spreadsheet packages can be seen in the field. In the meantime, some of the popular Cheatsheet packages are named:-

  1.  Microsoft Excel.
  2. Lotus 1-2-3
  3. Quatro pre.
  4. Calc.
  5. Multiplane etc.