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word processing, spreadsheet, and database management system package

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Writing, editing, and doing other work on paper, decorating paper as necessary The print process is called word processing. Processing through the software or programmers The work is called Tale word processor Prageragram.

Several word processing, program, in the market. Some of these references include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • word star
  • Workfolk Perfect
  • Word Pad
  • Notepad
  • Display Writer etc.

 Priority and use of word processor:

To create a document, many additions, modifications, and enhancements to the text manuscript Is. It is boring and time to create a better document by typing or typing repeatedly Subject matter. Each of the important issues of our daily life is included in the word processor. Writing of writing materials for school, college and university students and teachers is very great He has occupied. Word Processor for preserving Limon in the Office of Documents It is possible to improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of work. Office work using a computer Most important is the importance and use of word processors in automation of the process. Automatic Word With the advent of the processor, there has been a huge change in the trades industry. Computer and ‘off Wired processors have the greatest importance in using print technology to improve print quality.

 The spreadsheet

A spreadsheet is a word meaning “spreadsheet” | graphic paper with no X-axis and a Y-axis Like a square house, large rectangles and large sheets attached are called more sheets. Electronic A spreadsheet is a computer-based practical package that has 85585 rows and 256 columns. Cells are composed of rows and columns. Much of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets page column Because it’s divided into row based mostly cells, it’s simply inserted and analyzed with numerous info It is simply adscititious to yoga, beta, quality, share, proportion hand etc. Besides Electronic spreadsheets produce knowledge charts additionally as knowledge management via Microsoft surpass. Can be amended. All activities associated with accounting will happen on the idea of the conditions can be amended.

Measure many spreadsheets within the market. a number of the foremost notable of those are: –

  • Microsoft surpass
  • Lotas 1-1-2-3
  • Fcra proe
  • quatro pro
  • Multiplan

 Calculate etc.

The application and application of word processor

 In almost every aspect of daily life, computer-based banking, insurance and various types of accounts Receiving various benefits using the spreadsheet program. Referring to some of the following:

  1. The results of the scholars of the tutorial establishment and therefore the regular payment and allowances bill for lecturers and workers.
  2. Analysis of saving of daily accounts.
  3. Late yearly report.
  4. Budget formulation.
  5. Analysis of all the accounts within the management of the bank.
  6. Production management
  7. Taxation and different calculations.
  8. Classical calculation.
  9. Payroll calculation.
  10. Stock Sharim and management
  11. Every type of applied mathematics calculation analysis.
  12. Every type of monetary management.
  13. All the work of saving and managing knowledge.
  14. Making completely different charts or graphs to form the data attention-grabbing.


Data means to mean data or data, and the meaning of the base word is bastion or assembly. Literally the database is a large gathering of data or data on the subject in which the subject is concerned. Around us there is lots of information or data scratched. However, this information gathering cannot be called a database. Whose weight is the sum of all the information or the amount of information that is related to each other? There are many examples of a database in everyday life. For example, students of educational institutions The information, the information of the letters stored in the list of Vetara etc. One or more data tables, queries, forms, reports, macro, modules under the corner database Etc. May contain files. Database manometer system is related to interconnection information and to review that information The sum of the necessary programs. It is said to be related to each other, the database. Kind of All information on the organization is kept in the corner. The initial management of the database management system Facilitate saving of information in the database and providing help in using it. In one word, the database management system is created, accessed, and it remains open to all Performs functions. Currently, there are many database management systems software on the computer Is used.

Some of these references include:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • I have eski el
  • Stubs 6.Debez
  • Buzz etc.

Prerequisites and usability of the database

In the day-to-day computer-based information management industry, factory, bank-insurance, business and The activities of the commercial organization, a collection of income-expenditure accounts, a collection of employees and employees etc. And activities such as education, training, social and rational research and publication of welter etc. It can be done.

    The following benefits are available for the use of database software: –
  • Different types of tables and databases can be made that are correlated with numerous tables
  • A large amount of information can be stored in thousands of ways.
  • Look up or print out the information at the right corner.
  • Report and printable size format can be printed by creating.
  • Mathematical functions of the database are accepted by the numerical data automatically.
  • Graphics, charts, and images can be added to Favorites.
  • Wrong search and correction of data spellings and numbers.
  • Adding new data records and unnecessary data/record deletion.
  • Italy to keep track of updates for the future if needed.